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====== Welcome To The Documentation Wiki! ====== Welcome to our wiki! This wiki helps documentation of the complex API system of both supported versions, 0.2.1-FINAL and 0.3.0 (not yet released). Please **do not** ask for support in this wiki, use our [[|forum]] instead. Please read the following section //Editing Guidelines// carefully, your alterations may be reverted. ===== Editing Guidelines ====== ==== How To Create/Edit Pages ==== * [[wiki:creating_new_wiki_pages|How Your Created Wiki Page Will Get An Approval]] * [[wiki:editing_existing_wiki_pages|Editing Existing Wiki Pages]] ==== What Is Allowed ==== * [[wiki:allowed_content_on_this_wiki|What Is Allowed On This Wiki]] ==== And What Is Not Allowed ==== * [[wiki:forbidden_content_on_this_wiki|What Is Not Allowed On This Wiki]] ===== API Documentation ===== This API documentation section is separated into the different available versions (0.2.1-FINAL and 0.3.0) to ease usage of this wiki. Please head to the matching section if you like to add a wiki page for the corresponding API. ==== 0.2.1-FINAL ==== Documentation for the currently only available version of the Mailer-Project. Please read this documentation carefully before you send patches in. For a good example, we like to recommend you to use our wrappers instead of the plain PHP functions. This version is the last one which is compatible with PHP 4.x.x but it also runs on PHP 5. === Include Directory Hierarchy === * Under construction! === Language (Lingual) System === * Under construction! === Template System === * Under construction! === Extension System === * Under construction! === Expression Language === * Under construction! ==== 0.3.0 ==== This version is not yet released. === Under Construction! === ===== Template System In A Nutshell ===== An easy guide for our complex template system, documented in a simple step-by-step instruction.

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