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Mailer-Project is a non-profit software which is maintained and mostly (~99.9% of all source code) written by Roland Häder. This is wiki software is DokuWiki which is non-profit, too.

Donations To Mailer-Project

By money:

Donations in form of money (EURO, please) to the Mailer-Project can be currently done through MoneyBookers (Please keep the referal Id intact). Please use my email address roland[at]NO_SPAMmxchange[dot]REMOVE_THISorg by removing all fully capitalized words, underscores and by replacing [at]/[dot] with the right symbols. Thank for your donation!

By Peercoins / Litecoins:

Peercoins and Litecoins are crypto currencies which can be “mined” by running a miner program. If you have some spare coins and you would like to donate me, please use these addresses:

  • Peercoin: PJRr87RSus5ignrDeh3pfzqwykmiGDs84b
  • Litecoin: LddMQkXh92zQR693DF7Au1FCevqipeosc2

Please note that I no longer accept Bitcoins as I don't mine them anymore.

Donations To The DokuWiki Team

If you like to send donations to the DokuWiki team please follow this link.

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